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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the 2 year supplier’s warranty

The 2 year supplier’s warranty sits alongside, in addition to and does not exclude, restrict or modify any non-excludable consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law or any similar non-excludable rights defined in state and territory laws.

What is covered by the 2 year supplier’s warranty?

  • Your Think appliance is automatically covered by a supplier’s warranty that your appliance will be free from defective material and faulty manufacture.
  • This 2 year supplier’s warranty only applies when your Think appliance was bought (and for as long as it is used) for a domestic or household purpose. 
  • This 2 year supplier’s warranty is subject to the appliance being used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • After inspection by Think Appliances, if there is found to be defective materials or faulty manufacture within the warranty period, Think Appliances will elect (at its sole discretion) whether to repair, replace or refund the value of the appliance.
    • Please note: all microwaves covered by this warranty are covered by a 30 day replacement policy from date of purchase.  After the 30 day period, and for the residual duration of the 2 year warranty, Think Appliances will elect (at its sole discretion) whether to repair, replace or refund the value of the microwave.
    • This warranty only covers the first 50km travelled each way by a repair technician to the appliance location and return.
    • If Think Appliances elects to replace the defective or faulty appliance, a replacement of an equivalent model of similar value will be provided.  In this case, the balance (if any) of the original 2 year supplier’s warranty (from the original date of purchase) will be applied to the replacement appliance.
    • Special conditions for claims made on rangehoods – as rangehood installation complexity depends on individual house construction, this warranty only includes up to one hour of labour in total for removal and reinstallation of a rangehood.

What is not covered by the 2 year supplier’s warranty?

  • This 2 year supplier’s warranty does not cover:
    • liability for any direct loss or damage or other expense incurred by, or arising out of, any failure to install or use the appliance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions (this includes damaged caused by cleaning products and agents, and their excessive use, or spillages); or
    • liability for any indirect, consequential or special loss or damage including, but not limited to, loss to other property, construction costs, labour costs and consequential loss due to appliance failure or defects; or
    • requests for verification or rectification to an installation of an appliance by a party other than a Think Appliance service technician or agent. If required a fee will apply.
    • damage caused by blockages by foreign objects, damage caused by vermin, insects and pests, damage resulting from repair work carried out by other than a Think Appliances approved service agent, damage caused by the use of other than genuine spare parts, damage caused from the use of the appliance in a manner other than the use for which it was specifically designed and damage to appliances caused by accident, misuse, fire, water damage or rust caused by abrasion, scratching or other physical damage; or
    • failures due to normal wear and tear with reasonable use or consumable components such as globes, filters, product seals etc.; or
    • damage caused by power outages and surges; or
    • damage caused by incorrect or inadequate ventilation of the appliance; or
    • breakage of outer glass panels attributed to external damage; or
    • corrosion, rusting or defect as a result of the product being installed in an environment in which the appliance is not protected from the weather; or
    • appliances used for outdoor or commercial purposes (which includes for example: restaurants, cafes, schools, clubs, alfresco areas with open walls or hoods used above BBQs); or
    • circumstances where the defect in, or failure of, the product is attributable to misuse, abuse, accident or non-observation of the manufacturer’s instructions or the failure to maintain the appliance as per the manufacturer’s instructions; or
    • the cost of any travel by a Think Appliances nominated repairer to the appliance location and return in excess of 50km each way; or
    • in-home collection, inspection or service of microwaves; or
    • costs incurred by the customer when returning a microwave to a Think Appliances nominated service agent for inspection when making a claim; or
    • costs incurred by the removal and reinstallation of any obstruction prohibiting access to an appliance of any kind during inspection of an appliance when making a claim; or
    • costs of labour for each of removal and reinstallation of a rangehood where the respective removal and reinstallation time exceeds one hour in total; or
    • costs for labour, parts and transport if, after the inspection of the Appliance by a Think Appliance authorised service agent, the service agent is of the opinion that the appliance or alleged fault or defect is not covered by this warranty.
    • This 2 year supplier’s warranty is immediately void if:
      • the serial or model number label on the appliance is removed or defaced; or
      • the appliance is installed, serviced or repaired at any time by an unauthorised or unqualified person; or
      • the appliance is modified in any way; or
      • an appliance is damaged via freight, transportation or handling in transit and installed. Please do not install damaged appliance, by doing so the warranty will be void. Return damaged appliance to place of purchase for a replacement.
      • the appliance is, or becomes, used for industrial or commercial purposes or in carrying on a business.
      • Think Appliances has a strong service network in all metropolitan areas and most regional areas. Where the warranty claim has been made outside a radius of 50km from any store where the product can be purchased, the customer is responsible for the cost of delivery of appliances to the nearest service agent or the travel cost for a technician to travel to a location outside the 50km radius.